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After Nike Chooses Colin Kaepernick For New Ad, The Right Flips Out

After Nike Chooses Colin Kaepernick For New Ad, The Right Flips Out

Colin Kaepernick gave up a career in the NFL because he refused to conform — he refused to give up his fight for injustice.  He, much like when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in 1947, felt that it was more important to take a stand rather than conform to what others wanted him to be.

There are people who believe that kneeling for the National Anthem is “anti-American” or “an insult to our military veterans”, but these are likely the same people who sit on their couches, beer in hand, while that very same National Anthem plays on TVs in their homes.  These are the same Americans who live in a country where free speech is their right.

Most of those on the left strictly defend the right of NFL players to take a knee in protest of racial injustice.  Those on the right are mostly against it.  This is a debate that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight.

Yesterday, with Nike announcing that Colin Kaepernick is the face of their 30th Anniversary #JustDoIt campaign, there has been both praise and outrage concerning this decision.

Social media has been buzzing with the debate since the announcement was made yesterday afternoon.  A call to boycott Nike, using the hashtag #NikeBoycott, has been trending this morning on Twitter, but there seems to be more people defending Nike’s decision than attacking them for it.

There are calls for people to burn their Nike gear in response to their marketing decision.  Others are combatting these calls by insisting that these people rather donate their gear to those in need.

While the #NikeBoycott hashtag is quite popular this morning, if you actually search for it on Twitter, you will find that there seems to be just as many, if not more comments supporting Nike than condemning them, while some people seem to simply be indifferent.

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