After Electoral College Vote, Fox News’ Rivera Counsels Trump to Accept Defeat

Just a few weeks ago you would have thought that Geraldo Rivera and Donald Trump were best buds. Rivera, appearing on Fox News, was lauding Trump for the soon-to-be-deployed coronavirus vaccine – even absurdly suggesting that it be called “the Trump.”

But then Rivera committed the unpardonable sin of saying in public that Trump had lost the election. So now fast forward to Monday, Dec. 14, the day the Electoral College certified President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election, and Rivera is wishing he could just get the president to take his phone call so he could tell him “it is over.”

“It is over. I want the president, my friend, the current president, the 45th president, to understand it is over,” Rivera said on Fox. “The Electoral College has voted. The longer we drag this out, the more we damage the fabric of our democracy.”

Rivera also had a warning for Trump that he runs the risk of damaging his “legacy” by continuing his efforts to overturn the election results. Instead, Rivera said, Trump should “be taking a victory lap right now celebrating the vaccine that he almost single-handedly forced the scientific community to get ready to save millions of lives.”

That absurd statement, of course, ignores the fact that Trump for months downplayed the severity of the pandemic, said it would disappear when warm weather came to the United States, told the country it was “rounding the corner” in controlling the virus back in September and had absolutely nothing to do with the development of any of the vaccines that are just now starting to be administered nationwide.

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