After Attempting to Move to CO's 4th District, Lauren Boebert Finishes 5th in Straw Poll

Lauren Boebert has been a controversial lawmaker since day one and that controversy is now catching up with her. The candidate had a tough time winning her last election against Democrat Adam Frisch, and decided to move to the 4th District where Republican Ken Buck was retiring. 

If Boebert was to become the Republican candidate in the District, she would likely win. But before then, she has to be nominated to become the candidate and that could be an uphill battle. In a recent straw poll, she finished 5th behind other candidates with more experience in the area. 

The straw poll was conducted following a debate that featured 9 GOP hopefuls. Boebert only received 12 votes in total, which represented about 10% of the voters. It is not an inspiring figure for someone with the kind of name recognition Boebert has. 

Some of the attendees see Boebert as a carpet bagger, just moving to any district she can to keep her career alive. She said in response to those claims:

"There are many folks that cannot vote for me, and I vote for them each and every day. The crops may be different in Colorado’s 4th District, but the values are not, and I’m a proven fighter for the values that you all believe in — that you want to secure your rights, your children’s future."