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After Another Massacre Of Babies, Charlie Kirk Tells His Fans To Buy More Guns & Ammo

After Another Massacre Of Babies, Charlie Kirk Tells His Fans To Buy More Guns & Ammo

After every school shooting — and should there ever even be such a thing as so many school shootings that we can identify reaction patterns, honestly? — one faction calls for gun control, and another looks for anyone and anything else at which to point a finger. Typically, a few actually find a way to laud gun ownership as the cure for gun violence.

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This time, Charlie Kirk is one of those. The Turning Point USA founder is never far from controversy, and rarely on the right side of it — unless, of course, we’re talking about the right-wing side of it. After the latest massacre of schoolkids (this one was in Uvalde, Texas, and resulted in the deaths of 19 children and two teachers), Kirk rushed to his social media to post the worst take he could think of — directing his fans to buy more guns and ammo.

Here’s a screenshot from Truth Social:

[Screenshot via Charlie Kirk/Truth Social]

Referring to reports that police in Uvalde were slow to enter the building where the active shooter was carrying out his deeds, Kirk says, “The inaction of the police in Uvalde is exactly why you need to take your protection into your own hands.”

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He advises, “Buy a gun. Buy ammo. Don’t rely on others to save you or your family when evil strikes.”

Unfortunately, Kirk’s fans haven’t show themselves to be the most stable when it comes to responsible gun ownership — let’s not forget that one of them showed up at a Turning Point event late last year and demanded to know, if the Second Amendment is for battling tyranny, at what point it would be justified to “use the guns” against the Democrats in government who right-wingers believe are destroying the country. Moreover, Kirk declared that he was “denounc[ing] the question,” but went on to give an answer, saying that it would be okay to do so after exhausting legal options.

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