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After Another Important Loss in Court, Donald Trump Attacks Letitia James as Racist

After Another Important Loss in Court, Donald Trump Attacks Letitia James as Racist

NY AG sues to stop Donald Trump attacking USPS

The two best ways to influence Donald Trump are to either praise him or to take money out of his pocket. New York’s Attorney General, Letitia James, decided to go the money route. Trump is refusing to turn over subpoenaed documents to the court. As a result, he is being fined $10,000 for each day he doesn’t comply.

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The always stingy ex-President attempted to sue to stop the fines. But on Tuesday, the court decided that the fines were appropriate. An irate Trump responded by attacking James as a racist.

The former President released a statement that read, “After handing over millions of pages of documents, perhaps more than any person or entity has ever given before, there is nothing that can be done to satisfy the racist Attorney General of New York State, failed Gubernatorial candidate Letitia James, or the New York State Courts which are biased, unyielding, and totally unfair.”

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The whiny message continued, “This is a continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt in history, and it should not be allowed to continue. It is a politically driven Scam the likes of which has never been seen before. If I wasn’t leading in every poll by substantial numbers, this persecution would have long ago ended,” Trump argued. “The good news is, I have done nothing wrong!”

Of course, if Trump had done nothing wrong, he would have no problem turning over the requested documents.

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