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After 6 Short Months Taylor Greene and Gaetz’s Super PAC is Already Broke

After 6 Short Months Taylor Greene and Gaetz’s Super PAC is Already Broke

6 months ago, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz were the two most controversial politicians in Washington. Taylor Greene made offensive statements seemingly every other day. And it was revealed that Gaetz was under investigation for sex trafficking.

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The duo decided at the time, that they should go on the road. Gaetz and Taylor Greene created a PAC to raise money for their political futures. And after 6 months of working together, the PAC is nearly broke.

According to a report from Mother Jones:

“Despite the two spending the summer barnstorming the country on a grand fundraising swing they dubbed the America First tour, (the moniker adopted after scraping the ‘Anglo Saxon’ caucus), neither Greene nor Gaetz lived up to expectations on the fundraising end. And, just six months after founding it, the joint fundraising committee they launched to drive their tour is nearly broke.”

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Greene’s personal fundraising numbers remain quite strong. Gaetz, however, is struggling. Russ Choma writes, “Gaetz campaign’s latest filing shows that his fundraising has all but dried up. He raised just $527,000 from July 1 to September 30. He spent far more—$627,000—trying to raise that money. In another parallel to Greene, Gaetz’s biggest expenses are direct mail and paying fundraising consulting costs to his vendors. In fact, those two things ate up more than 60 percent of his donations.”

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