African American Conservative Jeff Charles: Candace Owens is Lying About Black Culture Again

Candace Owens created Blexit. The idea behind the movement was convincing black voters to stop supporting Democrats and become Republicans. The platform helped her become a celebrity on the right and Owens was often referenced by the former president and his son Don Jr.

Photo by Daniel Pier/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Trump may be out of office, but Owens has continued to post videos about black culture. The latest of these drew the ire of Black Conservative columnist Jeff Charles. Charles posted his own video outlining how Owens has lied about black culture.

Charles began, “Some of you aren’t going to like this one, but it needs to be said. [Owens is] guilty of issuing another series of deceptive remarks about black culture on Twitter that provide yet another example demonstrating why the conservative movement and the former Party of Lincoln fails to attract black voters.”

The Red State columnist continued his attack:

“While she is beloved on the right, she is widely reviled by the same people she is telling you she is trying to reach. There is no chance that folks like her can bring about the ‘Blexit’ she promised. The fact of the matter is that Black Conservative Inc. cannot lead black folks from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party, because their rhetoric signals that they don’t respect, or even like, the people they claim to be trying to reach. You cannot insult people into joining your cause.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of Jeff Charles:


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