Adviser Warns: Trump Ready to Go to War With DeSantis or Any Other Republican Who Wants to Challenge Him in 2024

Donald Trump wants to world to think of him as a self made business genius. The reality is, though, that things have been rigged for him his entire life. The former president was raised in privilege and eventually inherited his father’s real estate empire.

The White House/Flickr

The 2024 election should be interesting. As usual, Trump wants things to be rigged for him. But there are, of course, ambitious Republicans who may want to throw their hat in the ring. Speaking to the Daily Beast, a Trump adviser recently warned that the former president will go to war with anyone willing to challenge him.

Asawin Suebsaeng writes, “”Close advisers have routinely assured Trump that he is a shoo-in for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, should he ultimately run, and that any of the other heavy-hitters in the party would be crushed if they took him on.”

One Trump associate said of the matter, “In [recent] conversations that I’ve had with him, he has said that he wants to be everywhere to remind people, not just Republicans, that he’s still in charge. The message is a pretty straightforward one: I am still leading this party, and if you want to try to challenge me for that, it will get ugly.”

The report continued, “His overwhelming popularity in the GOP and among the base of conservative voters—even after the deadly MAGA riot, and Republicans losing the House, Senate, and White House on his watch—is something that Trump is determined to preserve.”


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