Adrian Marcel: ‘Take Your Time’ Cover Review

Adrian Marcel makes a rather surprising return with a song that’s not what we have known him for. “Take Your Time” is the title of his latest single and it’s not the typical R&B he is acclaimed for, it’s different. He does something new this time. He does a cover of Sam Hunt’s “Take Your Time” and he does a commendable job with it.

It is an acoustic version that is complemented by a very calm beat as it escalates on the chorus. Nothing has really changed, except for the artist and the genre on “Take Your Time.” If you are familiar with Sam Hunt’s version then you’ll be hearing the same song.

Adrian Marcel is on top of this one as he lets his very graceful vocals pleasantly entertain us. It is one of those covers where you have a tough time deciding which one is the better version. Sam Hunt’s version was undoubtedly incredible for the country music lovers, but now Adrian brings us a more updated version RnB of the song.

In the song, he is breaking out of the cliché way of approaching and hitting on a girl. He is taking a new direction with his approach. He wants her, but he doesn’t want to be bothersome. What he does in a monologue is approach her in the most uncommon way ever. He says exactly what’s on his mind, he charms his way to her and he hopes this will get her to accept his proposal.

How do I know this? He says what most of us often fear to tell the girls we hit on. Often times we take the route of the same old catch lines as the way out.

“I don’t want to steal your freedom / I don’t want to change your mind / I don’t want to make you love me / I just want to take your time,” Adrian Marcel sings on the Chorus. It is very captivating how he manages to stay on the beat even as he makes that speech in the monologue on the verses. That’s definitely something you’ll be looking out for. Even more than the really good chorus.