Adorable Sloth Tries To Cross The Road – Ends Up Getting Trapped

We’ve all heard about the chicken trying to cross the road, but have you ever heard the one about the sloth? This adorable and lost sloth was attempting to cross a busy road in Ecuador. His plans suddenly fell apart when he got trapped in the middle of the intersection. That’s when a rescue team was dispatched to help the poor guy out!

20. Odd Request

Ecuadorian police were having a pretty typical day enforcing the law. That was until they received a phone call about an unusual request. They were stunned by what they were tasked to do.

19. Lost Sloth

According to the phone call received, there was a lost sloth in the middle of a busy intersection. Transit police quickly headed over to the area to help out. They were shocked by what they saw.

18. Clinging

There, in the middle of the road, was a sweet and obviously lost sloth clinging to a guard rail in the city of Queued. The transit police knew they had to help him out, so they quickly exited their vehicles to help. So how did this happen?

17. Attempted Crossing

It seems that the sloth had been attempting to cross the road to get to the other side. However, sloth’s are pretty slow moving animals so this posed a problem for him. According to reports, he tired himself out by the time he reached the guard rail.

16. Struggling

The animal was “struggling to cross” the road, a spokesperson from the commission told Buzzfeed. It was obvious to the officers that the poor guy was tired and wanted to get to his destination. So they started on their rescue mission.

15. Paved Roads

Paved roads in the area have slowly been infiltrating on the habitat of the sloth’s in Ecuador. Many have been injured or fatally harmed as they try to make their way around. So did this guy make it out safe?

14. Rescued

Luckily, this one was safely evacuated, says the Comisión de Tránsito del Ecuador. Photos of the rescue mission were posted onto their Facebook page. People were very interested in the rescue mission!

13. Taking Care

Once the sloth was in police custody, they took him to the vet’s for a check-up. The vet looked the sloth over and said that he was in great shape to be returned back into the wild. It was good news all around!

12. Returned

The cute fellow was OK and taken back to its habitat,” the spokesperson told Buzzfeed. However, now the sloth has become a local celebrity in Ecuador. People absolutely fell in love with his adorable nature.

11. Social Media

The photos of the rescue have been shared more than 11,000 times. “Congratulations gentlemen of the CTE, thank you very much for helping the innocent,” one woman wrote. The officers were happy to have received such a positive response.

10. Thankful

We will continue to support this kind of case along with the collaboration of citizenship,” the commission wrote. “Greetings to all.” However, this isn’t the first sloth that has attempted to cross the road despite his slow nature…

9. Three-toed Sloth

A three-toed sloth was having a pretty good day out in Costa Rica. He had been climbing trees and munching on leaves, however, he wanted more. So he decided to venture out…

8. New Views

The sloth decided that he wanted to head out and find new trees with greener leaves. In order to do that, however, he would have to cross the road. He figured this wouldn’t be too hard.

7. Slow Movements

The sloth began to slowly make his way over to the road. People gathered around him and watched as he made his attempt. Finally, he made it to the edge of the street.

6. Motorbike

Suddenly, a man on a motorbike noticed the sloth and abruptly stopped in front of him. He hopped off and went to check on the situation. Everyone could see that the sloth wanted to cross the road but would obviously be harmed because of how slow he was moving.

5. Helping Out

The man decided that he would help the sloth out by making his adventure move by faster. He slowly motioned over to the sloth as to not scare him. Then he picked him up by the back and began walking…

4. Spread Out

The man walked across the road with the sloth in his hand. The sloth looked incredibly excited to be moving at such ‘top speeds’. He spread his arms and legs wide and looked like he was having the time of his life.

3. Down

As they made their way over to the other side, the man slowly lowered the sloth down to the ground. When the sloth was first placed on the ground, he didn’t move. However, he suddenly got his land legs back and slowly moved about.

2. Pictures

People gathered around the sloth to take photos of him as he slowly made his way into the greenery. The man on the bike headed off – happy that he could help out in a small way.

1. Helpers

Thanks to all of the rescuers that helped out, these two sloths avoided a pretty bad outcome. Now they’re off in the wilderness, eating all the leaves their tummies can hold!