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Adolescent Boy and Others Injured at Mexican Border, as U.S. Reportedly Uses Tear Gas

Adolescent Boy and Others Injured at Mexican Border, as U.S. Reportedly Uses Tear Gas

UPDATE: Movimiento Cosecha has confirmed that rubber bullets were used, and now at least 4 individuals are said to be in critical condition.

When President Trump made the announcement that he would be sending troops to the southern border, many people worried that this was just the first step in his attempt to fight off migrants, including asylum seekers, through the use of violence.

Yesterday, this worry became a reality as the San Ysidro border crossing was shut down when migrants tried to enter the United States illegally. According to CNN, about 500 migrants approached police blockades and began to infiltrate them, when the U.S. Border patrol began using ‘tear gas’, as a means to try and disperse the crowd of men, women and children. The crowd included elderly men and women as well as individuals in wheelchairs and babies in strollers.

According to Movimiento Cosecha, an activist group fighting for respect, dignity and permanent protection of immigrants, at least 4 individuals were injured as the U.S. dispensed tear gas and shot rubber bullets to disperse migrants.

“Injuries to the head reported to one adult migrant and to one adolescent,” Movimiento Cosecha wrote. “And one journalist was hit in the knee by a gas canister.  Children had their eyes washed out with unsanitary water. Reports of sound cannons being used. All while peaceful migrants are forced to wait in line and being denied entry for their asylum cases”

One young adolescent male, seen in the video below, was reportedly hit in the head, and could be seen bleeding as other migrants helped him seek safety.

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According to Pedro Rios of AFSC-San Diego, there have been at least 3 confirmed injuries including the young adolescent male seen above as well as a Mexican journalist who was also struck in the head and another adult migrant injured in the knee by the impact of a tear gas canister.

Tear gas and other chemical weapons are illegal to use in war, but the law does not apply domestically.

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