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Administrator Of ‘Reopen North Carolina’ FB Page Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Administrator Of ‘Reopen North Carolina’ FB Page Tests Positive For Coronavirus

One of the administrators of a controversial Facebook page organizing protest events in the state of North Carolina against stay-at-home orders recently disclosed to news organizations that she herself was recently diagnosed with coronavirus.

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Audrey Whitlock, who is listed as an administrator of “Reopen NC,” confirmed she had tested positive for the disease, and had just ended a 14-day quarantine on Sunday, per reporting from ABC 11 in Raleigh.

However, Whitlock was mum on a number of other questions that local media had for her. When asked if she had tested for the disease at the end of her quarantine in order to determine whether she no longer had COVID-19 or not, she wouldn’t answer. Whitlock also was asked if she attended a parade in favor of her cause, which took place last Tuesday.

Her response? “No comment.”

A separate administrator of the event was more direct in their answer, saying that Whitlock wasn’t in attendance. She does, however, plan to attend a similar event later this week.

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Whitlock claims that she was asymptomatic, but even if that were the case, being out-and-about while having the disease and not exhibiting any symptoms is still dangerous, as it poses a risk for others that she or other asymptomatic individuals come into contact with.

While Whitlock and others continue to push for the state to “reopen,” they’re in the minority — most from North Carolina disagree with her views, with one poll showing that 52 percent of residents in the state support keeping social distancing measures in place. Only 16 percent said they wanted to see them come to an end.

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