Adam Schiff Says Remote Voting Can Be Done Safely

The President and his administration are currently recommending that people don’t congregate in crowds of 10 people or more. Considering how many people who show up to a voting place, this could make the 2020 elections quite complicated.

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

While sending in a ballot by mail has long been an acceptable methods, government officials have long worried about online or remote voting due to safety reasons. Adam Schiff recently said that he believes that, if needed, remote voting could be safely done in the 2020 elections.

The California congressman wrote in an email to The Hill, “I am confident that the logistical and security questions could be addressed if the House decided to move ahead with remote voting for a period of time.”

Schiff continued, “While I have been resistant to the idea of voting at a distance, we are all forced to consider new ways of doing our work that seemed unthinkable even a week ago.”

The frequent target of Donald Trump closed his by saying, “Given the urgency of responding to the needs of the nation and the inherent risks of moving 435 legislators back and forth across the country to meet in a confined space, we must adapt as the exigency requires.”


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