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Adam Kinzinger Laughs Off Madison Cawthorn’s Bluster — “I Had No Idea He’d Endorsed Anyone”

Adam Kinzinger Laughs Off Madison Cawthorn’s Bluster — “I Had No Idea He’d Endorsed Anyone”

Adam Kinzinger — one of the handful of Republicans who has continued to oppose the Trumpism taking over the party — has announced he’s not running for re-election. Now he’s responding to bluster and bravado from another Republican, who tried to claim his decision as a personal victory.

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Madison Cawthorn is among several new members of Congress who are standing out for leaping into the job and spotlight with an embrace of controversy. He’s appeared at school board meetings to oppose safety measures put into place during the pandemic, and he’s attacking anyone who stands against him.

After Kinzinger announced he wouldn’t be running for re-election, Cawthorn took credit for the decision, claiming that the power of his own endorsement of Kinzinger’s primary opponent carried such a weight that the incumbent couldn’t stand against it.

“Little Adam couldn’t stand up to his constituency’s anger [and] my endorsement of his opponent,” he tweeted.

One problem — While Cawthorn was taking credit for influencing the political aspirations of others, Kinzinger wasn’t even aware that he’d endorsed anyone.

Also, while Kinzinger won’t be campaigning to keep his seat in the House of Representatives, he says it doesn’t mean he’s quitting or giving up.

I still have more than one year of my term and will continue to be a forceful voice — including on the 1/6 Committee. This is just the beginning, not the end!

Kinzinger’s seat on the January 6th Committee is emblematic of everything that has made him controversial to his Republican colleagues as the committee works to ensure that those behind the attack are held accountable.

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