Adam Kinzinger Is Ready To Subpoena Kevin McCarthy & Jim Jordan To Get The Truth About Trump’s Actions On 1/6

The House Committee formed to get to the facts about the January 6th attack on Congress by Donald Trump’s angry fans could issue subpoenas to force individuals — even members of Congress — who have inside information about the failed insurrection to testify. In particular, there are a few Republicans who spoke to Trump during the attack, and refuse to disclose the content of those calls.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) contacted Trump during the attack, and pleaded with him to call off his supporters. Still, McCarthy is fighting to prevent Trump from any accountability for his role in inspiring the attack.

It was recently revealed that Jim Jordan (R-OH) also spoke to Trump on January 6th, and there may be others — Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) told CNN this morning that “There were many communications with President Trump that day.”

Jordan, too, has refused to reveal what was said between himself and the then-president, as legislators were ushered to safety, and it seems other GOP members may be choosing not to reveal their conversations at all.

Now Adam Kinzinger (R-FL), one of the two Republican members of the committee, says that he completely supports issuing subpoenas to Jordan and McCarthy, as well as “anyone who can shed light” on Trump’s activities that day.

McCarthy actually proposed Jordan as a member of the committee. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) rejected him, along with Jim Banks (R-IN), resulting in McCarthy withdrawing all of his nominees for the committee. Banks later affirmed that his purpose on the committee would have been to derail it and try to redirect it.

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