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Adam Kinzinger Is Ready To Expose “The Crazy” Because “Hiding It Doesn’t Work”

Adam Kinzinger Is Ready To Expose “The Crazy” Because “Hiding It Doesn’t Work”

On Wednesday night, Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) posted a tweet about those in his own party who deny that January 6th was an attack on Congress and Democracy, then turning it into an impromptu question-and-answer session as he responded to several other Twitter users. Over the course of the conversation, he stated his own views on the attack, addressed one of the biggest conspiracy theories and the question of charging Steve Bannon, and said that it’s time to expose “the crazy” in deniers.

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Kinzinger is on the House Committee investigating the January 6th attack, and Wednesday evening, the whole saga seemed to be getting under his skin. First, he retweeted a video posted a few days before by a Democrat who’s campaigning to replace Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), addressing McCarthy’s role in helping to cover up and deny the attack.

Then he tweeted his own thoughts about denialism, asking if any of the deniers can explain why none of their conspiracy theories make sense together — how can it simultaneously be a “peaceful” demonstration, an attack by antifa, protected speech, a riot incited by the FBI, a legitimate political protest, and a false flag?

When the responses started rolling in, though, Kinzinger was prepared to spend a little time on them, including answering the questions himself when CNN reporter Zachary Cohen asked.

When someone asked him how he could believe people in “buffalo helmets” were actually organized in their attack, he pointed out that many were wearing body armor and military tactical gear — though not everyone who showed up was part of an ‘organized’ attack, there was planning in advance that included violence.

For those who still insist that Capitol Police let the attackers in, he shared a Newsweek article in which the person who filmed the viral video often used to support that claim explains what really happened.

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They definitely didn’t just open the barriers, the pro-Trump rioters made a fist like they were going to punch the cops, which is why I started recording, then they backed off the barricades.

Asked about consequences for Steve Bannon, the Trump advisor who has been subpoenaed to testify as a witness before Congress and refuses to do so, Kinzinger explained that it’s out of Congress’ hands now — they’ve asked the Department of Justice to act, and it’s now on the DOJ to do so.

Ultimately, he explained why it’s necessary to call out the most ridiculous conspiracy theories, when some people fear that to do so is just giving them more reach: hiding “the crazy” doesn’t work, he says.

Kinzinger is not running for re-election for his Congressional seat, but he’s promised that the January 6th Committee is is a serious priority for him in the remainder of his term.

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