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Adam Kinzinger Explains Why Donald Trump Makes GOP Lawmakers “Go Limp”

Adam Kinzinger Explains Why Donald Trump Makes GOP Lawmakers “Go Limp”

When Donald Trump first sought out the Republican nomination in 2016, he was attacked from nearly everyone in the party. Marco Rubio and the former president argued about manhood. Ted Cruz made Trump so angry that he accused the Texas senator’s father of being involved in the Kennedy killing. And Lindsey Graham predicted that if Trump is the nominee, he would destroy the party.

Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

All of those lawmakers fell in line once Trump won. But should’t Republicans realize, at this point, that the former president is more trouble than he’s worse. Adam Kinzinger, one of the few Republicans to stand up to Trump, says lawmakers just go limp around him for fear of losing their seats.

The Illinois Rep. told Roll Call’s Heard on the Hill, “It’s really easy to convince yourself that you can’t make a difference speaking out loudly.”

Kinzinger continued, “The only thing that can happen is you lose, and you’ll be replaced by somebody like a Marjorie Taylor Greene. And that’s how these people (in Congress) convince themselves, ‘Hey, the best thing I can do is go limp.’”

The Conservative lawmaker then explained why he’s willing to stand up:

“But at the moment, I really truly utterly believe that our democracy is under siege. I truly believe that nobody else is coming. We have this sense as Americans that somebody else will come and save the day, because we always have. Nobody’s coming, right? It’s us. And I don’t like the job enough to sell out the future of this country to keep it. So, if it costs me my job, great. I’ll go make more money and have a way easier life.”

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