Adam Kinzinger Explains How Fox News is Committing Elder Abuse

In a different world, Adam Kinzinger would be a rising star in the Republican party. A young Conservative with a military background and the ability to win in blue state Illinois was seen as something very valuable. Instead, Kinzinger was essentially expelled from the party for his refusal to pay fealty to Donald Trump. 

Now able to speak freely about the ills of his party, the former Illinois Rep. called out Fox News. Kinzinger explained how the media arm of the GOP, Fox News, is committing elder abuse. 

The ex-Congressman posted, "Let’s be honest, @foxnews is elder abuse. Con artist that plays on unfounded fears for money and eyeballs. Now they fear Taylor Swift, and still fear Mickey Mouse It’s a sick organization, and it creates WEAK WHINEY people."

Kinzinger followed that message by writing, "Taylor and Travis could care less about you MAGA. This is what drives them nuts. Everyone is a victim."

The former lawmaker's replies were filled with Conservatives arguing that real Republicans don't watch Fox News. Considering Fox is the most watched cable news network, plenty of people are watching and they are not Democrats. Newsmax is growing and gaining more viewers, but between five and six times as many people are watching Fox.