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Adam Kinzinger Drops Truth Bombs & Taunts Ted Cruz On Ray Epps Conspiracy Theory

Adam Kinzinger Drops Truth Bombs & Taunts Ted Cruz On Ray Epps Conspiracy Theory

Senator Ted Cruz and other right-wing politicians and influencers have been pushing a conspiracy theory centering around Ray Epps, a former Marine. Because Epps was at the Capitol Building the day of the attempted coup, and was not charged with any crimes, they claim he was an FBI plant, whose job was to encourage Donald Trump’s supporters to carry out an attack on Congress and Democracy. In a series of tweets, Adam Kinzinger demolished that claim, and demanded that Cruz and others go on the record.

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The Ray Epps conspiracy theory centers on Epps being filmed talking about going into the Capitol Building, and on him being placed on an FBI Wanted list, then removed without charges. As flimsy as that is, proponents of the theory allege that Epps was planted by the FBI, moved barriers, and encouraged Trump supporters — who just happened to be armed with bear mace and other weapons, and covered in body armor and tactical gear — to attack the Capitol.

They’re demanding that the House Select Committee subpoena Epps and question him on why he was never charged with a crime. In fact, Representative Matt Gaetz is demanding a ‘takeover’ of the Select Committee, specifically to this end.

One problem: the committee has already interviewed Epps.

Adam Kinzinger, a member of the Select Committee, blasted Cruz and others, pointing out that it’s pretty ludicrous to blame the entire attack — again, carried out by a mob in tactical gear, and discussed on right-wing media sites in the days before — on one man in the crowd, who, according to Federal law enforcement, never even entered the building himself. He also highlighted how foolish it would be for the FBI to have placed Epps on a Wanted list to begin with if he was secretly an agent.

Kinzinger does believe that the lies of one individual played a significant role in inciting the entire thing, but the individual in question is one with a much bigger platform, name recognition, and influence, and one who openly called for his supporters to put pressure on Congress to change the election outcome.

Ultimately, though, Kinzinger is demanding that politicians including J.D. Vance, Ted Cruz, and Thomas Massie go on the record — stop insinuating and hinting, and make a clear statement: do you honestly believe that Ray Epps is an FBI agent?

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Any bets on whether they’ll actually give a clear, unequivocal answer, or whether they’ll continue to push this conspiracy theory?

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