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Adam Kinzinger Destroys Diamond & Silk’s Latest Jan 6th Conspiracy Theory

Adam Kinzinger Destroys Diamond & Silk’s Latest Jan 6th Conspiracy Theory

When it comes to January 6th, conspiracy theorists who are determined to deflect from the truth of the attack on Congress will spin up just about any story to point a finger away from Donald Trump’s mob. The tall tales tend to be pretty flimsy, though, and fall apart under the least bit of scrutiny.

[The Alex Jones Channel, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons]

Many of the theories revolve around claims that the attack was an ‘inside job’ or ‘false flag.’ It’s the notion that someone — Ray Epps, for example, or the FBI — actually orchestrated the attack. Police or security, these stories claim, let the mob in, and somehow that’s supposed to prove that 1) it’s a ‘deep state’ conspiracy, 2) the attackers are somehow not really to blame, and 3) the ultimate insider, the person who was actually the President of the United States at the time, is somehow exonerated.

Of course, the important fact that Federal law enforcement is in possession of the messages exchanged between militia members in advance of the attack, including plans, maps, and weapon caches, doesn’t seem to come up.

Still, Representative Adam Kinzinger turned to Twitter Saturday morning to address a wild story from media personalities Diamond & Silk, in which they believe that some people entering the Capitol relied on insiders to open a security door.

The video itself is from Newsmax with host Greg Kelly, and involves the suggestion that wearing an earbud indicates that a person must be a government agent, and opens with the idea that one individual was “instruct[ing] someone to disable the magnetic locks” on a door.

Sharing the clip, Diamond & Silk ask whether this is proof that the whole thing was an “inside job.”

Kinzinger responds, “Let’s talk about this,” and proceeds to break down exactly how wrong and ridiculous the whole notion is.

But these doors aren’t being opened by the release of a magnetic lock operated from some control room, he explains. They’re emergency doors that have to be held for several seconds to open.

In fact, he says, the man on camera is actually speaking to another member of the mob, asking how to open the door and getting instructions — the same instructions that are actually available on the door in front of him.

“Think one layer deeper,” Kinzinger advises, “And Diamond & Silk lose their grift.”

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