Actor James Woods Praises Far-Right Senator for Punching Teenager

The reactions to Thursday night’s Christchurch Massacre have largely been somber, respectful and measured. Far-right Australian senator, Fraser Anning, however, had a significantly different take. He felt the country’s immigration program was the cause of the mass shooting, releasing a statement on the attack which has been admonished by many within Australia as well as the rest of the world.

While Anning was being interviewed on Friday, a teenager smash an egg of the back of his head. Anning responded by striking the teen multiple times. Actor and right-wing provocateur, James Woods was a fan of the move, taking to Twitter to praise the senator’s actions.¬†Woods tweeted, “Wish we had some guys in our Senate with balls like this guy.”

The Trump years have not been kind to Woods. Actress Amber Tamblyn claimed Woods attempted to pick up her and an under-aged friend in a diner. When Tamblyn told the actor she was 16, he reportedly replied, “Even better.”

In July of 2018, Woods was let go by long-time agent, Ken Kaplan. Kaplan wrote to the actor, “It’s the 4th of July and I’m feeling patriotic. I don’t want to represent you anymore.”

The popular television show, Family Guy, often had Woods appear on the animated show as himself. It appears that guest spot has come to an end, as well. The actor claims he turned down the most recent appearance as he found the show to be too anti-conservative. He tweeted, “I was recently offered another Family Guy episode and reluctantly turned it down for similar reasons. It was so mean-spirited, so totally political, and (worst crime of all) simply not funny. The rabid hatred of conservative values has ruined comedy.”

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