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Activists March Reproductive Rights To Kavanaugh’s Front Door

Activists March Reproductive Rights To Kavanaugh’s Front Door

It wasn’t the largest or loudest demonstration ever, but Monday night activists marched to the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in suburban Maryland to protest his refusal to block the far-reaching Texas law that bans almost all abortions.

The peaceful gathering of about 50 people formed at a park in the tony city of Chevy Chase around dusk. According to WTOP radio reporter Alejandro Alvarez who was on the scene, demonstrators walked behind a banner reading “Repro Freedom for All,” chanting abortion-rights slogans, as some residents watched and recorded video from their porches. “We’re going to Kavanaugh’s House, out of your homes and into the streets,” a protester beckoned through a megaphone.

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The short march led to a residential side street east of Bethesda, where about a dozen officers and a black SUV guarded what organizers had billed as Kavanaugh’s address. Two people using chalk scrawled “resign Kavanaugh” and “my body, my choice” on the pavement in front of the house. The protestors also called on President Joe Biden to expand the number of seats on the high court.

“Make no mistake, what’s happening to reproductive justice and abortion rights is far bigger than one person,” said organizers ShutDownDC, a coalition of D.C.-region activists who called for Monday’s march on social media. “But Kavanaugh is playing a key role, and so far he’s been protected from any backlash. No more.”

“They don’t care about constitutionality,” one person said, gesturing at Kavanaugh’s home. “The buck is supposed to stop with the Supreme Court, now we know they’re just a tool.” Another speaker called Kavanaugh “a sick coward.”

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A significant presence by county police kept roads out ahead and behind the march clear of traffic and there were no arrests. Protesters ended at the same park from where they started, winding down to Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” playing from a loudspeaker on a cart.

The Women’s March, in partnership with Planned Parenthood, is organizing protests in D.C. and elsewhere across the country set for Oct. 4.

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