Acquitted, Yes — But A Majority Of Americans Say Trump Isn’t Cleared Of Wrongdoing

President Donald Trump was acquitted of all articles of impeachment laid out against him by the House of Representatives at the conclusion of the Senate trial that ended earlier this month.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Although he will face no legal repercussions for the transgressions he was charged with, in the court of public opinion, Trump is not viewed as having been cleared of wrongdoing.

A Quinnipiac University poll released earlier this week found that Americans were divided on the Senate’s decision to acquit Trump, with 49 percent supporting the outcome and 49 percent saying the president should have been removed from office.

On the issue of impeachment itself, there was more consensus but still a visible split. Forty-six percent said Trump shouldn’t have been impeached to begin with, while 51 percent said he deserved to be impeached for abusing the powers of his office and obstructing a Congressional investigation into his behavior.

Even more Americans were in agreement regarding whether what Trump did was wrong or not. Only 40 percent of registered voters in the poll said the Senate’s acquittal of the president cleared him of any wrongdoing. Conversely, 55 percent said it had not cleared him of such.

Trump has consistently claimed the impeachment proceedings were a hoax, and said earlier this week that the process had actually helped him with voters.

“Corrupt Democrat politicians have brought me to highest polling numbers ever with the Impeachment Hoax. Thank you Nancy!” Trump tweeted out on Monday.

But the numbers above clearly contradict that notion. Indeed, Trump is presently losing to every viable Democratic contender in the Quinnipiac poll, including by 8 points or more to Michael Bloomberg, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders, who all receive 50 percent or more of registered voters’ backing to Trump’s low-40s level of support in hypothetical matchups.

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