Accused Spy Allegedly Said she was a Middleman Between Trump’s Campaign and the Kremlin

Last month, a woman named Maria Butina was arrested and charged with conspiracy.  Prosecutors alleged that she flagrantly violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act, acting as an unregistered Russian agent within the United States of America. The indictment, which appears to have potentially implicated the National Rifle Association and those within the GOP to some extent, was yet another name among the dozens of individuals that the Mueller probe has been responsible for charging thus far.

While Butina’s charges didn’t directly implicate the Trump campaign, those she associated closely with, including activist Paul Erickson, were in communication with the campaign. Today, however, things got a bit more interesting.

CNN has reported that sources familiar with Butina at the American University in Washington D.C., which she attended, now claim that Butina spoke freely to her classmates about her ties to the Russian government. According to one source, Butina said that she was a middleman or liaison between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

Additionally, sources are now claiming that Butina got drunk at least a couple of times and opened up to classmates regarding her close ties to the Russian government, going as far as admitting to them that the Russian Intelligence Service (the Russian version of America’s CIA) was involved in her gun rights group. Classmates were so disturbed by her claims that they reported them to law enforcement.

Butina’s arrest may be of deep significance to investigators and prosecutors working with the Special Counsel’s office, as there are clear ties between her, Russian intelligence, the NRA and the GOP. If the statements made by her to her classmates are true, then there appears to also be a significant link to the Trump campaign as well.  These claims also make one wonder if she actually knew something that the rest of us didn’t, while declaring that Donald Trump won the election, on Facebook, prior to him actually winning.

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