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Accused Jan. 6 Cop Rioter, Told To Dispose Of Weapons, Amassed An Arsenal Instead

Accused Jan. 6 Cop Rioter, Told To Dispose Of Weapons, Amassed An Arsenal Instead

On Jan. 6 Thomas Robertson and his then-colleague with the Rocky Mount Police Department Jacob Fracker stormed the U.S. Capitol as part of the riotous mob that attempted to prevent certification of Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election. The two Virginia police officers posed for a photo in front of a statue of John Stark, a photo Robertson then posted on social media because he was “proud” he was “willing to put skin in the game.” He even sent it their colleagues on the police force.

Two days later Robertson wrote a comment on Facebook stating, “The next revolution started in DC 1/6/21. The only voice these people will now listen to is VIOLENCE. So, respectfully. Buckle armor or just stay at home.”

The two were arrested shortly thereafter and hit with multiple charges. A federal judge hearing Robertson’s case agreed to release him pending trial, but only on the condition that he could not own any firearms, destructive devices or dangerous weapons while his case was pending. He was given two days to relocate any guns in his possession.

Robertson must have thought the judge was just kidding because an unannounced search of his Virginia home just days after his release turned up eight firearms. The judge gave him a second chance but now probably regrets that decision.

Last month authorities again searched his home and found a loaded M4 carbine rifle and a partially assembled pipe bomb. He also is accused of purchasing 34 firearms online and “transporting them in interstate commerce while under felony indictment,” according to prosecutors who are now seeking jail him for violating the terms of his pretrial release for a second time.

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Agents also found a box labeled with the words “Booby Trap.” Inside the box, agents found a metal pipe “with two ends caps, with a fuse inserted into a hole that had been drilled into the device.” Explosive powder was found on Robertson’s property.

The assistant U.S. Attorneys who filed a motion Wednesday seeking Robertson’s arrest were clear: “Because the defendant has shown utter disregard for the Court’s orders prohibiting his possession of firearms and other weapons during the time he has been on pretrial release, and because he has further flouted his release conditions through repeated violations of the federal firearms laws, the defendant presents a danger to the community that no release conditions will adequately mitigate.”

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