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Our mission is to deliver factually correct news stories that resonate with a liberal demographic. We scour the web to report on breaking political stories that speak to the current political climate in the United States.

Disclosure: We are a liberal team of writers. The news we choose to cover is decidedly liberal in nature. HillReporter.com was developed to focus on liberal talking points for a liberal audience and we are very open about this fact.

Donations Disclosure: HillReporter.com donates to various charities and causes supported by our liberal viewpoints. Our biggest support at this time is focused on Planned Parenthood and Raices Texas.

Meet Our Team

James Kosur: Editor-In-Chief  / Co-Founder

James is our EIC and Co-Founder and a veteran of new media. He recently served as the Editor of the C-Suite vertical at Business Insider. James was responsible for the launch of the vertical and its editorial direction. Previously, he served as the Director of Content Strategy for Business2Community, an authoritative marketing and business hub with more than three million monthly visitors.

James has served in various C-Suite roles over the years including CEO, COO, CMO, and President. James can be reached at James@HillReporter.com

Ed Krassenstein: Co-Founder

Ed Krassenstein is a journalist, entrepreneur, investor, husband, and father. Since the election of President Donald Trump in 2016, Ed has developed a large following on Twitter where he spends his day exposing stories from deep inside the Washington establishment.

Ed is also a staunch supporter of the Bitcoin community, recently selling BitcoinNews.com and investing in the Cryptocurrency.

Ed can be reached at Ed@HillReporter.com

Also, be sure to follow him on Twitter @EdKrassen and on Facebook.

Brian Krassenstein: Co-Founder

Brian Krassenstein has been exposing political lies and exploring the Washington establishment ever since President Trump was elected into power. With a massive Twitter following and a growing list of Washington connections, Brian has become a force to watch.

Brian specializes in reporting uncovering Donald Trump’s crimes while reporting on the Trump/Russia/Mueller Investigation.

He can be reached at Brian@HillReporter.com

Be sure to follow him on Twitter @Krassenstein

Steph Bazzle: Social Issues and Religion Editor

Steph has worked in the political reporting space for nearly the past decade.

She develops content strategies and reports on issues that matter on a societal level.

You’ll often find Steph writing in support fo the LGBTQ community, providing commentary on the state of White House policies that discriminate against specific groups of individuals, and defending a person’s right to practice their own religion.

She has a special interest in the psychology that makes voters act they way they do about various political issues. Steph can be reached at Steph@HillReporter.com

Melissa Stusinski: Breaking News Editor

Melissa has worked in general news and political reporting for the previous 7 years. She likes to discover the stories that are being reported on with different facts and then eliminating all of the noise to get right at the heart of the central issue.

Melissa is focused mostly on stories of national significance and world news that affects Americans.

Melissa can be reached at Melissa@HillReporter.com


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