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A Trump Supporter Armed With A Gun Entered A Library To Protest Drag Queens

A Trump Supporter Armed With A Gun Entered A Library To Protest Drag Queens

A conservative radio host in Houston, Texas, was detained by police for trespassing on library grounds to protest an event featuring drag queens, after which they discovered he had a concealed gun in his possession.

Photo credit: r. nial bradshaw/Flickr

James Greene, an avid supporter of President Donald Trump and host of the radio program “Raging Elephants Radio,” had entered the Freed-Montrose Library on Saturday, January 26, with the intention of protesting against a program put on by the library in which drag queen performers read children’s books to kids and their parents, according to reporting from The Independent.

Although he was removed by police for trespassing in the library — Greene had been previously banned from the grounds of the building — Greene claimed he was being arrested instead for being a “white Christian.”

Greene made clear that he had come to voice his dissatisfaction with the Drag Queen Storytime event that the library was hosting.

“We have a bunch of homosexuals that are molesting children,” Greene said to officers who were speaking to him. “They are doing it with your help.”

The Houston Police Department explained in a statement from spokeswoman Jodi Silva that Greene was banned from the library for “filming children” in the past, according to Outsmart Magazine. He has been known to cause disturbances while in the library in the past as well, and “several officers had to escort him out,” Silva added.

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Greene was handcuffed for refusing to comply with officers’ requests to leave the building. After he was removed from the library, officers collected a concealed weapon from Greene in the parking lot.

As he was being escorted away, Greene complained of chest pains and was taken to a nearby hospital. The district attorney later declined to file charges against him.

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