A Trump Campaign Event At A Gun Shop Was Canceled After Connections To Terrorist Kidnapping Plot Revealed

An event the Trump campaign intended to hold at a gun shop in Michigan was canceled this week after information surfaced connecting a former employee to the kidnapping plot aimed at Governor Gretchen Whitmer. “The Governor would have had a field day against the Trump campaign,” the shop’s official Facebook page declared, explaining why the event wouldn’t be held.

Eric Trump cancels rally after venue is connected to Whitmer kidnap plot
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Posting to Facebook, Huron Valley Guns lamented the necessity of canceling. “While we are completely disappointed, we would not want anything to hurt the chances of President Trump. So for that, we are glad this came out before the event occurred.” The post described the men behind the terror plot as “the fringe characters arrested for the Governor Whitmer kidnapping,” and described their former employee, who was found connected to the plot, as “a young man…who would show up for work in a LOT of tactical gear.” For this and other reasons, he was fired after only a few weeks.

Eric Trump canceled event
[Screenshot via Huron Valley Guns/Facebook]

“[Governor Whitmer] would accuse the administration of sending his son to a facility where terrorists work and train. This could not be further from the truth, but imagine the left spin,” the post asserted, pointing to Whitmer, rather than the men behind the kidnapping plot, as the cause of the cancelation.

The event had already faced hurdles, including Donald Trump Jr. being unable to visit, ostensibly due to the president’s illness, leaving the venue to settle for a visit from Eric Trump instead.

“We originally had Donald Trump Jr coming by but due to the President coming down with covid it had to be cancelled. Now Eric Trump is in the region and we are so excited to hear him speak,” the venue announced on October 10, only two days before the event would be scrapped entirely.

Eric Trump gun rally
[Screenshot via Huron Valley Guns/Facebook]

The plan for the event included Eric firing an 1877 Colt Gatling gun, and being presented with a firearm in a box with the presidential seal. The weapon itself is decorated with the name Donald J Trump, and the presidential seal. At the end of the barrel, it reads, “Impeach this.”

[Image via Huron Valley Guns/Facebook]

Donald Trump is resuming in-person rallies, traveling Monday night to Florida.

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