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A Third Of Voters ‘Opposed’ To Impeachment Are Simply Worried For Democrats, Poll Finds

A Third Of Voters ‘Opposed’ To Impeachment Are Simply Worried For Democrats, Poll Finds

Several polls demonstrate that support for President Donald Trump is low, with most putting his approval rating near the high 30s or low 40s range. Yet in spite of those low numbers, many Americans remain opposed to the idea of impeaching him.

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Why is that the case? It could be the fact that many Americans believe that impeachment should be reserved only for punishment against egregious actions performed by the president, and thus voters are more reserved on the idea than they are in voicing their dissatisfaction with the president’s tenure so far. But a new poll may provide a different answer.

According to reporting from The Intercept, a poll put out by YouGov Blue and the Progressive Change Institute shows that a substantial number of voters who say “no” to impeachment at this time are doing so out of fear of political repercussions against Democrats.

The poll demonstrated a plurality of support for impeachment, with 49 percent in favor while 43 percent opposed the idea. Of those who were against impeachment, 65 percent said they opposed it because they didn’t believe Trump’s actions warranted removal. However, 35 percent of those who said they were against impeachment said their opinion was based on worries that Democrats “will hurt themselves politically if they proceed on impeachment,” the poll found.

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That fits in better with other polls on impeachment. It also seems that the question of impeachment depends on how polls word it.

A recent Quinnipiac poll found that the public is split on whether there’s support for impeaching Trump right now, with 47 percent saying they favor it and 47 percent saying they’re opposed. But when Quinnipiac asked respondents for their attitudes on the impeachment inquiry, 52 percent supported the proceedings moving forward, while only 45 percent were opposed.

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