‘A Step Toward Political Oblivion’ — Scarborough Chews Out GOP For Behavior During Cohen Testimony

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough, himself once a member of the House of Representatives within the Republican caucus, chastised his former party for the way they displayed their loyalty to President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

Members of the House Oversight Committee took plenty of time chewing out Michael Cohen, the former personal “fixer” lawyer for Trump who struck a plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller in exchange for a shorter prison sentence.

Scarborough took issue with Republicans, who appeared unconcerned with what Cohen had to say about Trump, asking very few questions about the president’s actions and focusing instead on trying to discredit Cohen.

“Republican members of the Oversight Committee exposed themselves, in plain sight, as a political party whose goal, whose purpose, and whose central organizing principle…is to cover up for the illegal and immoral misdeeds of Donald J. Trump,” Scarborough said on Thursday morning.

The performance of Republicans on that committee “was just another sorry self-defeating step toward political oblivion, with GOP members crassly covering up for a commander-in-chief who is unworthy of their loyalty,” Scarborough added. “And they did it shamelessly, in plain sight, for all the world to see.”

Scarborough wasn’t the only person to see the GOP forming a seemingly “defensive pattern” for the president, although their line of defense was more about attacking Cohen’s credibility than actually defending Trump against his former lawyer’s accusations, according to the Washington Post.

Scarborough left the GOP in October 2017, after being unwilling to continue to defend the party for its continual support of the president, per reporting from the LA Times.

Cohen himself, during his testimony before the committee, noted how, hours into the hearing, “not one question so far since I’m here has been asked about President Trump.”

“That’s actually why I thought I was coming today,” Cohen said according to reporting from Mediaite.

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