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A Robot Army May Be The Way To “Cleanse The World,” According To Former MLB Player Jose Canseco

A Robot Army May Be The Way To “Cleanse The World,” According To Former MLB Player Jose Canseco

Jose Canseco, former MVP in MLB has announced he is thinking about a run for President. The former baseball star and the author is a former cast member of The Apprentice. He appeared in season four of President Trump’s former reality show.

Canseco has unleashed a flurry of tweets explaining some of the ways he would fix the country. This includes creating a robot army. One tweet reads, “Once I am president I will create an army of robots that will Cleanse This World of all its corruption.” He says in another, “Racism in our country has to be destroyed by military force.”

He added in another tweet, “There is no turning back now all minorities need to get together and fight for equality.” He went on to tweet, “The volcano has erupted our political system is a total failure our criminal justice system has always been a total failure.”

He also tweets about a need for cleansing. He said, “America needs a cleansing.” He claims that electing him as President is the solution. “If you elect me president I will fix our country,” he tweeted.

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Canseco also seemed to take a dig at Trump without naming him. He said, “There is no way I could fu*k this country up to more than it already is.”

Canseco makes another bold claim about racism. He said, “I would systematically eliminate racism if I were president.”

Whether or not Canseco does run for President remains to be seen but if he does it will be interesting to see if we get a robot army and the elimination of racism.

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