A Republican Group is Spending $50 Million to Prevent Trump From Being Reelected

There is no doubt that Donald Trump has completely and utterly taken control of the Republican party. Despite being significantly weakened mentally, physically and legally since his last run, Trump still dominated the Republican party. 

Some Republicans, though, haven't given up on wrestling power back from the former President. The GOP, of course, will need some path for the future when Trump finally goes away. 

Conservative strategist Sarah Longwell is part of a group called Republican Voters Against Trump, and the group has created a $50 million ad campaign aimed at preventing the former President from being elected again in 2024. 

Longwell wrote in a statement:

"Traditional Republican voters who have long supported the party but have concerns about Donald Trump proved decisive in the 2020 election. By targeting these voters and reaching them with credible messengers, the campaign will establish a permission structure for them to withhold their support from Trump again. This will help re-create the anti-Trump coalition that made the margin of victory in 2020 and holds the key to 2024."'

Longwell closed, "Former Republicans and Republican-leaning voters hold the key to 2024, and reaching them with credible, relatable messengers is essential to re-creating the anti-Trump coalition that made the difference in 2020. It establishes a permission structure that says that—whatever their complaints about Joe Biden—Donald Trump is too dangerous and too unhinged to ever be president again. Who better to make this case than the voters who used to support him."