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A Prosecutor From The Mueller Team Says Biden Will Have no Choice But to Indict Trump

A Prosecutor From The Mueller Team Says Biden Will Have no Choice But to Indict Trump

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When he takes office in Mid-January, Joe Biden will have a number of challenges ahead of him. The former vice president will be tasked with uniting a divided country. He will also be working to combat a deadly pandemic that will continue to rage over the next two months.

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So when Biden was asked whether or not he would be prosecuting Donald Trump for alleged crimes, he said that it is not at the top of his mind. According to Andrew Weissman, though, the incoming president won’t have much of a choice. The former Mueller prosecutor says Biden will be forced to indict Trump whether he wants to or not.

Weissman made the comments while speaking with MSNBC’s Ali Velshi. He began, “We’re going to be, as of January 20th, 2021, in the situation where we no longer are talking about indicting the president but, rather, a former president, somebody who is a civilian. And the question’s going to be: Does the rule of law apply to that person?”

The prosecutor continued:

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“You have to remember in the Mueller report, there is substantial evidence that the president obstructed justice, in other words, obstructed the special counsel investigation. And to me, that’s even more important to vindicate. If you are not going to hold a president accountable for a special counsel investigation obstruction, then there’s no reason to actually have a special counsel in the future. In other words, the precedent that you’re setting in the future is don’t bother appointing a special counsel because there isn’t going to be any accountability to a president who obstructs that investigation.”


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