“A Profound Mistake” – New Mike Pence Video Surfaces Implying His Real Thoughts Towards Executive Action

With the president expected to officially declare a national emergency, allowing him to pillage other Congressionally allocated funds and repurposed those fund for a wall, a new video has just ironically surfaced.

In the 2014 video, first posted by Conservative pundit, and Trump critic Bill Kristol, former Indiana Governor and current Vice President, Mike Pence attacks Obama’s use of executive powers to push through new immigration policy.

“I think it would be a profound mistake for the President of the United States to overturn American immigration law with the stroke of a pen,” Pence, said in the video, taken at the annual Republican Governors Association conference in New Jersey, just days after President Obama announced that he would use his executive powers to offer temporary legal status to certain undocumented immigrants.

“Issues of this magnitude should always be resolved with the consent of the governed. Signing an executive order, giving a speech, barnstorming around the country defending that executive order is not leadership. I would implore the president to reconsider this path and to demonstrate the kind of leadership that the American people long to see. And that this administration would sit down with this newly-minted Republican Congress and find genuine common ground on border security. There’s a series of piece by piece reforms that I believe that could be advanced in this Congress that would be in the longterm interest of the American people on this issue,” Pence explained.

These words seem to contradict President Trump’s decision to use what many legal scholars and political pundits are calling a “gross abuse of power,” as he tries to repurpose funds for his wall with an emergency declaration.

We reached out to Mike Pence’s office for comment but have yet to hear back.

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