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A Princeton Debating Society Voted to Rescind an Award Given to Ted Cruz

A Princeton Debating Society Voted to Rescind an Award Given to Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz has not had a very good 2021. The year began with the Texas senator supporting Donald Trump’s election lie. That lie eventually led to an insurrection on the US Capitol.

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Cruz was later savaged for his decision to go on a tropical vacation while his state was in the midst of a weather and power disaster.

And the hits keep on coming for the embattled Republican. The American Whig-Cliosophic Society has decided to rescind an award that was given to Cruz in 2016.

Cruz was the recipient of the James Madison Award for Distinguished Public Service, the highest honor to society can bestow. This is the first time the award has ever been rescinded.

Student Sullivan Meyer is the vice president of legislative affairs for Princeton College Democrats. He said of the matter, “It’s just a matter of deciding whether he deserves to hold that award based on that conduct and to me that’s a hard no… People died in the Capitol building… what Senator Cruz did was so vile, deceitful, and cynical; the society, myself included, had to do something direct and immediate.”

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Meyer continued, “I have no problem with Republicans and conservatives getting the JMA. There are conservatives on the recipient list who I disagree with but who I feel are deserving recipients and committed public servants.”


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