A Person Dies of Coronavirus in Gas Mask Wearing Matt Gaetz’s District

Matt Gaetz, a congressman from Florida, has seen his profile rise since Donald Trump took office. He quickly gained the admiration of the President and can be seen attending events with him like the World Series. He gained that trust by always having Trump’s back.

Via Matt Gaetz Twiter

During a Wednesday House vote on coronavirus funding, Gaetz attempted to make a mockery of the virus by wearing a gas mask. On Saturday, it was announced that a man in Gaetz’s district has died from the illness.

Gaetz proudly tweeted a photo of him wearing the mask and wrote, “Reviewing the coronavirus supplemental appropriation and preparing to go vote.”

The Florida lawmaker also told reporters, “There are provisions in the House rules that permit medically necessary headgear.”

Gaetz had somewhat changed his tune after learning of the death. He wrote on Twitter, “I’m extremely saddened to learn of the first fatality in our district from coronavirus, a Northwest Floridian residing in Santa Rosa County. Our prayers are with his family and loved ones during this difficult time.”

The Florida congressman continued, “It is important to know that this individual was quarantined shortly after developing symptoms and no further cases have been reported in our district at this time. Please continue to take necessary precautions to minimize your exposure to any illness including coronavirus. I’m confident our community will continue to remain vigilant in combating this disease and pray there will be no further contractions of the virus in Northwest Florida.”

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