Karen Pence Defied Debate Rules, Joined her Husband Onstage With no Mask

The 1st presidential debate now feels like it was a year ago. Amazingly, though, it was actually only a week ago. The children and family of Donald Trump flouted the Cleveland Clinic rules and sat in the audience without masks. The family was ripped and it was quite a controversy.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

The controversy became even more acute two days later when Donald Trump tested positive for the coronavirus. Mask rules were tightened for the Wednesday night vice presidential debate. Still, a defiant Karen Pence decided to ignore the rules and, following the event, joined her husband on the debate stage without a face covering.

The only people in the room that were allowed to not wear masks were the moderator Susan Page and the candidates. They were also protected by social distancing and plexiglass barriers.

Kamala Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff, was more than happy to follow the rules and wear a face covering. Karen Pence, however, was not.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said during the debate after-show, “His wife did not wear a mask when she was on stage at the end. Everybody other than the candidates and the moderator were supposed to be wearing a mask. Karen Pence was not wearing a mask at the end. You know, what could save lives if you would do that.”

Actress Patricia Arquette also weighed in on the controversy. She shared a video of the moment and tweeted, “Mike and Karen Pence are the Elitists who think the rules just don’t apply to them.”

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