A House Republican Demanded the Capitol Drop Its Defenses Before Today’s Deadly Attack

On Thursday night, Jim Jordan complained about the security measures put in place at the US Capitol. Just one day later, a man rammed his car into a barricade, killing officer William Evans and leaving another officer injured.

After Capitol was breached by a large mob of Donald Trump supporters on January 6th. As a result many layers of protection were added to secure the area from future damage.

Trump supporters, desperate to gaslight the public on the catastrophe that had just occurred, claimed that the security wasn’t necessary. On Friday, April 2nd, they were proven wrong.

Jordan talked about the Capitol last night to Sean Hannity. In a segment about border security, Jordan ranted:

It is sad with these children and women are going through on this journey up here. Mark is right. The president said you undo my policies there will be a tidal wave of illegal immigrants. Your monologue was on target. This is not crazy the left is. Today you cannot get into your capital build anybody and everybody can get into your country. It’s not a crisis on the border, its chaos on the border and it’s chaos because they undid the three key policies. Remainder Mexico all your being process. They said no more deportation. They announce to the world we will not finish the wall. Those three things changed everything and you get this terrible situation causing harm to kids and women in all kinds of people on the border. That’s the Biden administration. That’s how ridiculous and crazy today’s left is.”


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