A Hidden Message To Trump Was In The Grammys’ Opening Performance

Unless you were specifically looking for it, or your eyes just happened to get lucky (or unlucky depending on your politics), you likely would have missed the hidden message during the opening performance of the 2019 Grammys.

In the performance by three Latinx artists: Cuban American, Camila Cabello; Puerto Rican, Ricky Martin; and Columbian, J Balvin, there was a man sitting on a park bench in the background. The man, whom the performers danced around, had a newspaper unfolded in front of his face which read in clear bold letters “BUILD BRIDGES NOT WALLS.”

In a clear message to the President, who on Friday faces yet another deadline in which he must reach a funding deal on border security, or else risk another government shutdown, these performers appear to once again be expressing their outrage towards his policies.

Martin, Capello and Balvin have all in the past had histories of protesting the president’s words and actions. Capello once refused to take a photo with Mr. Trump, J Balvin canceled his performance at Miss USA because of Trump, and Rickey Martin once wrote an essay for Univision, saying: “Xenophobia as a political strategy is the lowest you can go in search of political power.”

While there were no blatant attempts to bring politics into a speech or an introduction at the Grammys this year, sometimes it’s the more subtle messages that are the most powerful.

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