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A Georgia Town Is Trying To Segregate Its Community To Get A Cheesecake Factory

A Georgia Town Is Trying To Segregate Its Community To Get A Cheesecake Factory

As citizens of Stockbridge, Georgia take to the polls today they will be voting to segregate their town. The community recently elected its first black mayor and it currently features an all-black city council. Now, white residents are hoping to split the city in two, creating a new majority white town known as “Eagle’s Landing.”

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The community in recent years has become a hotbed of activity for film production companies and is often referred to as “Hollywood South.” If you watched the movie, Black Panther, you will recognize the area upon visiting as it served as a shooting location for the popular film.

White citizens recently enacted a plan to split the city into two, taking the most valuable parts of Stockbridge for their own.

City Lab reports that residents are upset that the community is mostly attracting “Bojangles’ and Waffle Houses,” when they want “Cheesecake Factory or P.F. Chang’s” type establishments to move into the area.

The Daily Kos notes that the committee of privileged white people was meeting at a country club to discuss their plans. The plan was hatched when the woman running the campaign realized the average income of residents in the area was not high enough to attract the businesses she wanted in the area.

What’s most troubling is that the Eagle’s Landing plan calls for voters to essentially steal the business district that already exists, essentially leaving Stockbridge residents with a massive loss of sales and property taxes. The would also steal the areas most lucrative high-income residential areas, essentially creating a debt-ridden neighbor.

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Residents didn’t believe state officials would allow the measure to reach the ballot but that’s exactly what happened. If the areas white affluent voters pass the measure Eagle’s Landing will feature six-figure incomes and a business district that was built from the ground up with help from a largely black community.

In a what the f*ck moment, even though Stockbridge residents won’t be allowed to vote on the measure unless they are in the Eagle’s Landing area, it will be their community that is torn apart. It’s essentially an annexation of their rightfully owned city.

Given the connection to the restaurant chain, here’s to hoping they don’t win the vote and then declare “let them eat cake.”

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