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A Dem. Congresswoman Is Calling For a Prominent Trump Adviser To Be Thrown In Jail

A Dem. Congresswoman Is Calling For a Prominent Trump Adviser To Be Thrown In Jail

Texas Democrat Veronica Escobar is calling for Stephen Miller, the architect of Trump’s worst immigration policies, to be imprisoned.

There were a number of incompetent and cruel people working in Donald Trump’s administration. But the worst of all of them may have been adviser Stephen Miller. Miller routinely encouraged Trump to give in to his worst instincts. And that was especially true when it came to the United States/Mexico border. According to many, the idea for the child separation policy came straight from Miller.

The former adviser, who is still working for Trump, is looking to rehab his image. Fox News has been happy to have Miller on their programs to make extreme statements about Joe Biden’s immigration policies. Texas Rep. Veronica Escobar, though, doesn’t think Miller should be appearing on television. In fact, she thinks the adviser should actually be in prison.

Escobar said during a recent episode of the Intercept’s Deconstructed podcast, “I think Stephen Miller should be behind bars. I think he committed heinous human rights violations, and I think that those around him who helped plot this out should be held accountable as well.”

The congresswoman continued, “That is going to be very difficult, but it kills me that these people could potentially walk away and even potentially rebuild their reputations.  I find them to be just among the most reprehensible, abhorrent people that our generation could have ever produced.”

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You can listen to Escobar’s comments below:


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