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A Bi-Partisan Group of Congresspeople Want to Overturn Citizens United

A Bi-Partisan Group of Congresspeople Want to Overturn Citizens United

The Supreme Courts decision on Citizens United v. Federal Election committee has long been an unpopular one. In fact, one issue that most Americans agree on is that they would like to see it overturned.

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On Thursday, a bi-partisan group of Congressmen introduced a constitutional amendment that would do just that. The Democracy for All Amendment would allow both states and the federal government to regulate election spending.

The amendment was introduced by Ted Deutch (D-FL), Jim McGovern (D-MA),  Jamie Raskin (D-MD), and John Katko (R-NY). Katko, the lone Republican, says, “I have long supported a constitutional amendment to reform our campaign finance system and firmly believe that we must take a bipartisan approach to make this happen. I’m proud to join Rep. Deutch and a number of my colleagues in reintroducing this legislation today, as we take the first step in the new Congress towards real reform.”

Congressman Deutch explained:

“Meaningful political participation cannot be reserved for individuals with extreme wealth and special interests, and we cannot continue to allow those who spend the most to dictate public policy that is out of step with our country. From climate change to gun violence, the issues that are most important to the American people are dominated by the will of the bottomless pockets that fund elections rather than the will of voter.”

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An overwhelming 88% of Americans, “want to reduce the influence large campaign donors wield over lawmakers.” Overturning the decision on Citizens United would go far in doing so.

Passing the amendment will be an uphill climb, though. The last time an amendment against Citizen’s United came to the floor, all 42 Republican Senators voted against it. Republicans now stand in the majority with 53 Senators.

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