Fmr. Obama Adviser: Lindsey Graham Is A ‘Piece Of Sh*t’

South Carolina Senior Senator Lindsey Graham was never a fan of Donald Trump. He admittedly did not vote for him and went on cable news all over the nation saying Trump was not fit to be President. Then, Trump got elected.

Today, Lindsey Graham is a typical Republican sycophant for Donald Trump. He endorses every nutty idea and excuses every outrage, regardless of what is best for the people of the state of South Carolina, or for the nation.

Apparently, there is evidence that former President Barack Obama’s former trusted National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, called Graham, quote, “a piece of shit.”

This moniker came from Rice due to a Pod Save America podcast, which is run by former Obama Advisers. Trump, of course, once called Rice a “disaster” on Twitter:


President Trump acted as he always does. As a spoiled child. Again, he is the disaster he calls others:

Susan Rice is a top national security expert. President of the United States or not, he is still a clown.

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