9th Circuit Judge Blocks Major Trump Immigration Policy — ACLU Celebrates

Since the turn of the new year, the White House has attempted to prevent asylum seekers from coming into the country. In January, Donald Trump announced that these refugees would be sent back to Mexico while they await their hearings.

EL PASO, TEXAS – FEBRUARY 01: Central American immigrants stand at the U.S.-Mexico border fence after crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico on February 01, 2019 in El Paso, Texas. The migrants turned themselves in to U.S. Border Patrol agents, seeking political asylum in the United States. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

On Monday, Judge Richard Seeborg of San Francisco blocked the White House policy. The block, however, will not go into action until Friday, allowing the government time to appeal.

The Judge ruled in favor of 11 asylum seekers who had filed suit in opposition to the policy. Seeborg claimed the United States could not, “ensure migrants don’t face ‘undue risk to their lives or freedom’ in Mexico.” He continued, “further procedural protections would be required to conform to the government’s acknowledged obligation to ensure aliens are not returned to unduly dangerous circumstances.”

The ACLU, which aided the seekers in their suit, celebrated the decision. ACLU attorney, Judy Rabinovitz, said, “Try as it may, the Trump administration cannot simply ignore our laws in order to accomplish its goal of preventing people from seeking asylum in the United States.”

The president was disappointed in the ruling. He took to Twitter, claiming, “A 9th Circuit Judge just ruled that Mexico is too dangerous for migrants. So unfair to the U.S. OUT OF CONTROL!”

The White House is likely to appeal the ruling.

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