Twitter Savages GOP Senator Over Shockingly Stupid Tweet Comparing Joe Biden & FDR

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is almost universally admired as of the best American presidents for lifting the United States out of the Great Depression and turning the nation into the most formidable superpower in the known history of human civilization.

Photo By Tom Williams-Pool/Getty Images

But Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) appears to have a dissenting opinion of the 32nd president. On Saturday morning, Cornyn attempted to smear President Joe Biden by comparing him to FDR.

“’The era of big government is over,’ POTUS Bill Clinton famously declared in his 1996 State of the Union address. versus: Biden has consciously cloaked himself in the legacy of FDR, to hark back to an earlier age of liberalism when government pulled the country out of despair,” Cornyn tweeted.

Born in Texas in 1952 during the post-war economic boom, Cornyn knows better. Thus, the responses he received from the Twitterverse were absolutely – and appropriately – brutal.

Users all but stopped short of castrating the Texas Republican for what they interpreted as an unconditionally stupid take.

“That’s a bad thing?” one poster replied.

“FDR is considered one of the greatest presidents in history. He pulled us out of the Great Depression and turned the US into a superpower,” said this history buff.

Cornyn must have forgotten that the government’s primary purpose is to protect the wellbeing of its citizens. Or, more likely, Cornyn has his jollies tickled by watching a desperate population squirm, which is totally expected for corporate-owned conservatives like himself.

“Do you even understand your own tweets? ‘…when government pulled the country out of despair.’ Isn’t that precisely what WE THE PEOPLE WANT AND NEED???!!!!” an observer fired back.

“What’s bad about government pulling the county out of despair? I’m thinking that EXACTLY what we need right now,” another user said.

Perhaps most jarring of all is the arrant tonedeafness that Cornyn has demonstrated on behalf of his party, which has devolved into a cult of corruption and racism.

His indifference is obvious.

Thankfully, there are still some reasonable voices within the GOP.

Saturday’s tweet was not Cornyn’s only cringeworthy public statement in recent times, however. Last March, Cornyn compared the coronavirus to Corona Extra while the commander in chief to whom he sold his soul stood by and allowed COVID-19 to kill half a million Americans.


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