9 World’s Least Photogenic Cats

Carli Davidson is both an activist and a photographer. One of her latest projects is titled “Shake Cats,” for which she raised awareness of animal adoption by photographing cats as they shook after being groomed or petted. The results were understandably hilarious. Check out nine of the least photogenic cat pictures ever taken below (all photos by Carli Davidson).

Number Nine. That wasn’t water, was it?

Number Eight. I’m channeling my inner Regan.

Number Seven. Who said bath?!

Number Six. Pfffffff, don’t be ridiculous.

Number Five. I thought this photoshoot was going to be more glamourous.

Number Four. Treat, please!

Number Three. Tease me with that laser one more time. See what happens.

Number Two. Kale salad – again?! Give me some catnip.

Number One. What face did you think I was going to make when I walked in on my parents doing the dirty?