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9 High Level Cabinet Positions That Remain Unfilled Under Trump

9 High Level Cabinet Positions That Remain Unfilled Under Trump

One of the most difficult tasks a president faces is nominating candidates to a number of important government positions. When Donald Trump took office, he was not prepared to make nominations for a number of these roles.

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Two years into his presidency, a large number of these roles still remain officially filled, though many feature acting officials. Analyst, Bill Palmer recently highlighted a number of positions that are presently unfilled.

The departments that are lacking important administrators include:

Homeland Security, The Secret Service, ICE, The Defense Department, The Air Force, FEMA, The Interior, The United Nations and the White House.

The reasons for the unfilled positions are numerous. The White House has had some difficulty finding capable and willing candidates. The president, memorably had difficulty finding a Chief of Staff to replace John Kelly. Mick Mulvaney was eventually named acting Chief of Staff after a number of other candidates declined.

Trump’s White House has also been marred by a number of firings and willing departures. Whether they left willingly or were forced out, people like Kelly, Nikki Haley, Jeff Sessions and Rex Tillerson have all left their jobs. Kelly, Haley, Sessions and Tillerson were all seen as moderating forces against Trump’s worst impulses.

The White House has now rid itself of many figures willing to speak up when they felt the president was doing wrong. Controversial figure, Stephen Miller, is now expected to have significant oversight over immigration policy. The White House has yet to comment on the status of these unfilled positions.

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