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Geraldo Rivera Blasts Trump for his Refusal to Wear a Mask

Geraldo Rivera Blasts Trump for his Refusal to Wear a Mask

After a long career as an investigative journalist, Geraldo Rivera joined Fox News in 2001. He regularly appears on the networks multi-anchor shows like Fox & Friends and Outnumbered. And when Rivera makes appearances, he frequently does so in support of Donald Trump.

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But after the revelation of the president’s positive COVID-19 test, Rivera seemed angrier than usual on Friday morning. Not only did he blast Trump for often not wearing a mask, he said that Trump’s positive test should serve as a wake-up call to all Republicans.

Host Brian Kilmeade tried to spin the illness as a positive for Trump. He said, “Geraldo, in the big picture, there could be a good message here to be sent to the American public. You can get it, as an American senior. You can beat it. And you can go back….This is another thing, the most famous person in the world gets it and beats it, correct.”

Much to Kilmeade’s displeasure, Rivera responded, “I want the president of the United States to take a break. Take a break for goodness sakes. He’s the 45th president of the United States. We want you to get better.”

Kilmeade responded by saying that he thinks Trump shouldn’t be isolating, but using the computer to speak to the American people.

Rivera replied, “This disease kills old people, Brian, period. And if you take it in a way of, ‘oh, I can handle this, I’m a tough guy,’ then shame on you. I want him to be prudent now. Enough about ‘I have a mask in my pocket.’ Why wasn’t the mask on your face?”

Watch a clip of the debate below, courtesy of Fox News:

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