80 Babies Infected in One Texas County as Cases Climb

Texas is now in unpleasant coming as it joins Florida, New York, and California with 300,000 confirmed cases on Friday. One Texas county faced another harsh reality as it found 80 babies to be infected with the deadly virus. In Nueces County, 85 children younger than the age of one have been found to be infected. This is devastating news for Texas as it also recorded 174 new deaths and it has 1,000 federal inmates who are also infected.

The children being infected is especially worrying as the Trump administration keeps pushing for schools to fully reopen for the new school year. Many have pushed back against Trump’s pressure with Education Secretary, Betsy Devos also pushing very hard for kids to go back to the classroom. These numbers are certainly not encouraging as the CDC as also delayed reopening guidelines in light of the new numbers. We will have to wait to see what happens.

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