80 Unbelievable Gadgets From the ’80s (Part 6)

In case you missed it, we’ve been counting down the 80 most unbelievable and amazing gadgets from the ’80s, and now we’re back with numbers 30 through 21. Check out these 10 awesome gadgets, and be sure to stay tuned for 10 more in our next installment, coming soon!

Number Thirty: Lazer Tag. Introduced in 1986, Lazer Tag was only available at the Sharper Image and so was associated with only the coolest of the cool kids. An NBC animated series was even named after this gadget, titled Lazer Tag Academy.

Number Twenty-Nine: Magellan NAV 1000. This gadget is well-known as the first commercial GPS, and it was introduced in 1989. Continuing in popularity well into the ’90s, the Magellan NAV 1000 is now a thing of the past since nearly all phones have a GPS system installed.

Number Twenty-Eight: Leatherman PST. This strange-looking gadget is actually the Swiss Army knife that began the craze. Introduced in 1983, people armed with the Leatherman PST had access to knives, pliers, screwdrivers and wire cutters all in this one little gadget.

Number Twenty-Seven: Sony MHC-P77 Component System. Introduced in 1989, this “component system” would be better known now as a home entertainment system. The Sony MHC-P77 was the best of its kind at the time it came out.

Number Twenty-Six: Toshiba Deltawave. Toshiba’s Deltawave was one of the most popular microwaves throughout the ’80s. Introduce din 1985, people were able to use this with ease and without any technical complications.

Number Twenty-Five: Apple Macintosh 128K. Introduced in 1984, this personal computer was lauded as one of the first cost-efficient computers that supported a System and Finder application. It was this device that set the scene for Apple’s later releases.

Number Twenty-Four: Casio C-80 Calculator Watch. Still worn by hipsters and nerdy dads everywhere, the calculator watch was no status symbol, but it sure was useful. Introduced in 1980, it was marketed as “the watch that replaces everything.”

Number Twenty-Three: Nintendo Game Boy. Nintendo’s first game boy was introduced in 1989. Though it only existed for six months of the ’80s, its introduction changed the game of portable gaming devices – literally.

Number Twenty-Two: Dirt Devil Classic Red Hand Vac. Some people might scoff at a vacuum’s inclusion on this list, but just look at Dyson today! The classic Dirt Devil was introduced in 1984 and soon filled the homes of just about every housewife at the time.

Number Twenty-One: Yamaha SHS-10. Introduced in 1987, the Yamaha SHS-10 helped launch the keytar into popularity. The gadget had strong MIDI features and an internal FM synthesizer.